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Electronic Cigarette PEN Refill Manual

Knowing how to refill an e-cigarette PEN correctly

Please pay attention to the following step by step manual of refilling the refill-liquids and you will find, it is very easy.

  1. The refill of a used e-cigarette-cartridge of the Liquids refill liquid.
  2. The cartridge should always be competely empty, before refilling the cartridge.
  3. Use the refill-pipette of the refill-bottle.
  4. Take the cartridge, which will be refilled in one hand and the filled refill-pipette in the other hand.
  5. Drop the refill-liquid slowly on the felt of the cartridge.
  6. A used cartridge needs, according to our experience, 0,6 to 0,8 mg refill-liquids.
  7. Please refill the cartridge very slowly untill the felt is well wet.
  8. Please wait 3-5 minutes until the refill-liquid settled.
  9. Please use a paper-napkin or anything similar and turn the cartridge with the felt downward.
  10. Refill-liquid, which runs out should be cleaned away and dried with a napkin aswell.
  11. Please pay special attention to this, because running out of refill-liquids might cause damage to the electronics of the electrical-cigarette!
  12. The cartridge should, due to higenic reasons, not be refilled more than 3 or 4 times.
  13. Put the cartridge back to its place.

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